Opening Of The Cherbourg Casino

Today we are offering you two positive news about the future of casinos and more particularly about gaming establishments located in the territory of our neighbors. It is therefore on two French casinos that our report of the day will focus with a report on the opening of the casino of Cherbourg which organized a small reception to mark the end of the first phase of its renovation and in order to thank local partners; and also on the Vikings group which invested one million euros in the casino in Bourbon-l’Archambault in the Allier.

Inauguration of the new Cherbourg casino

The Cherbourg casino therefore organized a small reception on Saturday, October 21, 2017 to celebrate the end of the first phase of its renovation and to officially thank the local partners who participated in the improvement of this new new generation casino which has been open since Friday, October 13, 2017, a rather original date and particularly well suited to relaunch the games machine which had not really stopped during the construction. We can therefore see that to date, the first phase of this vast renovation project has been completed and we know that the second phase will begin within a few days. To celebrate the occasion, François Bletel, the director of the establishment, who said he was rather delighted with the result, declared: “It’s good, we managed to meet the deadlines we had set ourselves. Even if there are a few final adjustments to be made in the decoration. Since October 13, we have found our usual clientele and many new faces. Many customers find it very good, the renovation has been well received. “.

We were able to learn that this was a really necessary investment and it was the CEO of the COGIT group Henri Ernoult, who operates casinos including that of Cherbourg, who will also thank the construction companies who have been able to meet the specifications in the times while respecting the deadlines: “The economic context remains gloomy, but it is through investment that we manage to get by. Cherbourg was an old establishment, which was not well endowed. With the end of this first phase of work, we have an idea of ​​what the second will be. And now we have a real casino, in a city that is more dynamic and lively than it used to be. We are proud that the City has accompanied us on this adventure. “.

The event of this inauguration stirred pretty people, because it is here a real and important opportunity to cross a course towards the future and the pleasures of the game. Jean-François Cot, president of the Casinos de France union was also present and also commented on the spot: “Each year in France, 100 million euros are invested by casinos. Investment is the engine of growth today. You have to be able to meet expectations, especially young people, who need to see other things, different machines. “.